Learn Fusion for Makers

Confidently turn your ideas into functional and flexible 3D models and learn Fusion with this comprehensive online video course. We provide easy-to follow examples that translate to real-world woodworking, 3D printing, and CNC projects.

Take the Time to Save Time

As makers, our time is the most valuable tool we have. By investing in yourself and learning Autodesk Fusion, you can save time by creating detailed visualizations for woodworking or shop projects before picking up a single tool.

With Fusion for Makers you will be able to:

  • pre-visualize building plans
  • eliminate wasted materials
  • make 1-click changes to complex projects
  • send custom jobs to a host of automated machines
  • create amazingly rendered images for pre-approval
  • share your work with fellow collaborators

With Fusion’s parametric modeling approach to design, you can easily adjust your project even after you’ve finished designing it—like adding room for more people at a dining room table by changing one number. This all-in-one program helps you create flexible and accurate 3D models of your projects, saving you time and money in the shop. Take the time to save time.

Build Your Fusion Skills From the Ground Up

This one-on-one course starts with the basics, providing comprehensive knowledge of Fusion’s major features that are useful for makers. By the end you will also have a fully completed parametric woodworking project that we build together.

It’s A Lot, We Know

Fusion is incredibly powerful and can be overwhelming. We will walk with you through the tools, concepts, and methods that most commonly apply to makers and woodworkers—from miters and dados to 3D printing and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing).

Visualize Your Ideas

We walk through the process of taking your finished model, applying realistic materials and lighting, and rendering it in an environment. This is incredibly useful for visualizing your work ahead of time.

Plan for Motion

We will cover the process of adding joints and motion constraints to your project, which can give you a great idea of how your project can move and function before you build it.

Quick. Concise.

Spending days on a training course may not feel like the best use of time. We’ve designed this course to help you learn Fusion in just under 4 hours of watch time so you can learn what you need and get back to building.

Following along with a video in real time and pausing along the way can sometimes slow down the learning process. You’re welcome to pause when needed, but these short chapters were meant to quickly lead you through an entire concept and allow you to test and reinforce your knowledge between steps.

Try It Out

The course currently includes over 70 videos over 12 chapters, and it’s still growing! We host monthly webinars with common questions and requests that are also added to the video list for everyone to learn from.

Personal Message From Bob
3 mins
Getting Fusion
3 mins
The Benefits of Fusion
7 mins
Accessing Your Work
4 mins
Chapter 1: Getting Started Quiz


Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what past customers have had to say after completing the Fusion for Makers video course.

ILTMS has made a course with good solid fundamentals and equips you to confidently go further into whatever rabbit holes you so desire. Bob is a natural teacher and instructs you in a way that is approachable, hands on and completely practical.

James W.

The Fusion 360 course is a breath of fresh air in a stuffy shop full of Fusion 360 teachers. As someone who uses various forms of CAD daily the way the course is approached easily explains the fundamentals without making it seem unapproachable or too complex. Now I'm building fully parametric cabinets of various complexity and branching into other more complex projects.

Justin A.

This course has shown me exactly what I wanted out of a 3D design studio, and how to do it free for a year! I want to thank you for the way you explain what you're doing, and sharing your experience and knowledge with us. Keep up the great work!

Tym H.

This is a great course! I have experience with other 3D modeling programs (Creo Parametric 2.0, Solidworks) and wanted to learn more about the capabilities and features of Fusion360. You guys did a great job emphasizing the parametric capabilities and how to really take advantage of them. The lessons were very well thought out, broken up, and explained.

Luke S.

THANK YOU so much for this course. I have never used any kind of design software and now with this course I feel that I have a very good base to start from. I thought the course was very well done for someone like me and at a very good place to learn.

Steven F.

No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

We hope that you try the course and that it’s empowering to you and your workflow, but if not—no problem. If you aren’t happy with the course you can request a refund any time.

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